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Rapid Prototyping


What is rapid prototyping?

Eliminating model making, we build cast molding or core directly using 3D printing with CAD data in a short period of time.

We quest for shortening the delivery time, building complicated molding in one piece.
Different from conventional RP molding, secondary process (sintering) is eliminated, we enabled to build complicated and thin wall molding in high precision.

Quick prototyping

  • 1Feasible delivery in15 days!
  • 3Simultaneous building of multiple moldings is possible
  • 5Largest molding capacity in the industry
  • 73D printing molds, accumulating by one layer by one
  • 2No model building!
  • 4Reducing conventional lead time to half.
  • 6We challenge to try aggressive shapes
  • 8Highest mold building speed in the industry (about 14mm/hr)

High production efficiency
Possible to build multiple samples. Possible to build multiple different molds at one time, as there is no need to build one mold to one product.
Easier building of higher complication products
D printing mold enables complicated shaped products in higher flexibility.
Number of cores can be reduced from the conventional methods.

3D printing process

Printing binder according to given data.
Molding table goes lower by one layer.
Above step #2 and #3 are repeated to complete the mold building.
Lay in the new layer.

3D printing molds, accumulating by one layer by one.
Pulling out the mold, removing unnecessary sand to complete.

Process image

2D、3Dデータ 01

Provide us of 2D, 3Ddata.

Please supply us 2D or 3D data in iges, igs, prt or step form. (Your data supply is highly appreciated in reviewing the shape and shorten the lead time. Also, it will help us to reduce the number of cores)


Casting plan design and data supply

We start designing casting plan by acquiring customerユs input data.
We verify the validity of the casting plan through the data simulation.

ExOne社 ProMetal RCT 03

Building sand mold according to the data

Mold building machine is ProMetal RCT by ExPro. Its capacity is as big as 1500x750x700, and capable to complete a mold building in as short as 50 hrs.

鋳型完成 04

Completion of mold building

After checking the completed mold, we proceed to the next step.

製品完成 05

Completion of the product

Pouring molten iron into the sand mold, remove the sand molding after the iron gets solidified.
After removing burrs and runners, checking any defects and processing necessary machining, the product is to be delivered.