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Contributing to the society through casting products

Contributing to the society through casting products

Since established in 1953, we at Kyowa Seisakusho have been questing relentlessly for our unique highest quality and highest precision managing the fusion between our trained craftsmanship and leading machining technologies in the pig casting area.
As a supporting industry to accommodate customersユ needs, we have been aggressively challenging and targeting “invincible and unrivaled cast iron manufacturing.
Then now, in order to accommodate our customersユ wider and higher technology level requirements, we are pouring our enthusiasm into widening our potentiality, challenging new trials and targeting a thorough quality control backed up by our unique technologies and know-how.
At Kyowa Seisakusho, the customersユ requirements encourage our “Spirits and craftsmanship” to breath lively and flame up in full energy.

Step by step, we advance graciously to epoch fitting new value creations going beyond changes

Step by step, we advance graciously to epoch fitting new value creations going beyond changes

We produce high strength cast iron products based on mainly nodular graphite cast irons (ductile cast irons), gray cast irons.
We are certified with ISO9001 since 2000, and even recently we are getting high reputation in the high strength products maintaining high speed machining with our own development of high strength, high speed machining materials.
We will continuously intend to be the company which provides cast iron products to our customers for   long period, training our young engineers and craftsmen, improving ourselves without interval to see higher customersユ satisfaction based on ISO philosophy.

Company Name

Kyowa Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Business locations Headquarters (Yokkaichi plant)

133-12 yokkaichi Takaoka-shi Toyama prefecture, Japan 933-0351
Phone +81-766-31−6001/ FAX +81-766-31−6111

Chokeiji Shipping Center

777-1 Chokeiji Takaoka-shi Toyama pref. , Japan 933-0951
Phone +81-766-22−5000/ FAX +81-766-22−6330

Date of Foundation

1st of March 1953


100 million yen (US$ 850,000)

Operation objectives

1. Pig iron, iron alloy and malleable cast iron casting, machining, sales and export/import operation
2. production and import/export operation of the machineries for iron casting equipments/metal machining machineries/rolling mills/draw benches/extruding machines/casted iron processing machines/molding machines/forging machines/associated machineries for metal machining.
3. Required import/export agency and consulting business for domestic/overseas manufacturers.
4.All associated businesses related to above operations

Number of employees


Related subsidiary

Kyowa Support Co., Ltd. (Takaoka-shi)
Qingdao KYOWA Trading Co., Ltd.
Phone +86-532-85736558 FAX +86-532-85738336