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What are the material?


FCD400〜800、FCV350〜420、FC200〜350、SCS(TBN), heat resisting castings, wear resisting castings, corrosion resisting castings are available.For example, the percentages of in-house material are 50% in FCD, 20% in FCV and 30% in FC, respectively.

Nodular graphite cast ironsNodular graphite cast irons
(ductile cast irons)
Compacted vermicular cast ironsCompacted vermicular cast irons
Gray cast ironsGray cast irons

What is CV cast iron?


FCV(compact vermicular) cast iron is yet to be standardized by JIS, but having characteristics  between
nodular graphite and gray cast iron, has strength close to nodular yet superior casting and machining characteristics to

Business territory


No boundary in our business territory.

How many operating lines? Its capacity? Maximum product weight?


We have two lines; KDM(automated mold building) and FP(manual building) lines.
KDM frame size is 800x1000x300/300(upper and lower) Max weight ~20-100kg
FP frame size is unlimited, max weight:100 – 1000 kg.
We can purchase from domestic and overseas (China and Korea) affiliated factories.
There, anything other than specified above, (ex.<20kg) can be produced. We will take responsibility of quality assurance and deliver the products.

Do you comply with the order for products with machining?


We have an annex machining factory to our molding factory. We can comply with machining requirement working together with our affiliate factories.

Past records
Turning motor components for construction machinery; 800pcs/mo.
Elevator components; 500pcs/mo.
Damping apparatus components; 150pcs/mo.
Ship steering apparatus components; 100pcs/mo.
We accept small lot orders.



Do you accept overseas purchasing?